In November 2008, the Center for Inclusion at UPMC introduced the concept of Dignity and Respect to their employees, in an effort to promote inclusion by encouraging behavioral and organizational change. As a result, the ‘Dignity and Respect Campaign’ was born. Built on the basic principle of treating others the way they want to be treated, the campaign included an employee pledge and the creation of the “30 Tips of Dignity & Respect,” which were developed to highlight daily acts of kindness, that can be easily incorporated into everyday behaviors. With a focus on community unity, cultural competency, and multicultural awareness, these tips continue to represent the foundation for which the campaign was based. In 2009, the campaign expanded into the community, and in 2010, is taking root to grow across the country. Follow the Dignity and Respect Campaign’s journey as it expands nationally, here at insightintodiversity.com. To learn more about the Dignity and Respect Campaign, visit dignityandrespect.org