New Football Association Looks to Represent College Athletes During NCAA Transformation

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In an effort to organize college athletes amid recent NCAA policy changes, the newly formed College Football Players Association (CFBPA) will begin recruiting student members this week.

Headed by former University of Minnesota professor Jason Stahl, the CFBPA includes an advisory group of attorneys, academics, and athletes.

The association is open to all active football players and membership dues cost $24 per year. Stahl told ESPN the dues are meant to help the group negotiate with schools, conferences, and the NCAA.

The CFBPA plans to establish membership groups for graduated players, players’ parents, and high school players, ESPN reports.

The group’s formation comes after the NCAA’s recent approval of temporary Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) guidelines, which allow student-athletes the opportunity to earn money through their NIL.

“This is the next step,” Stahl told ESPN. “If players don’t get organized now, it’s never going to happen. There’s so much we can do right now.”