Wellesley College Students Vote to Admit Trans Men, Nonbinary Applicants

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Wellesley College campus

Wellesley College students have voted to allow transgender men and nonbinary individuals to apply to the historically women’s college in Massachusetts.

The nonbinding referendum asked students whether the institution should expand its current admission policy, which only considers applicants who live “as a woman and consistently identif[y] as a woman.” This includes trans women and nonbinary individuals who were assigned female at birth.

The ballot initiative also called on the college to use gender-neutral language in lieu of female pronouns in its official communications.

Despite the referendum’s passing, Wellesley officials issued a statement saying there are no plans to change the institution’s policy.

“Wellesley College acknowledges the result of the non-binding student ballot initiative,” the statement reads. “Although there is no plan to revisit its mission as a women’s college or its admissions policy, the College will continue to engage all students, including transgender male and nonbinary students, in the important work of building an inclusive academic community where everyone feels they belong.”