The Tech Bar Pipeline for TMT Law

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The Federal Communications Bar Association (FCBA) — often referred to as the Tech Bar — has been celebrated for its exemplary contributions to the legal profession, specifically in the fields of technology, media, and telecommunications (TMT) law. Renowned for its collegial atmosphere and robust support for young lawyers, the association is dedicated to leadership, professional excellence, and community engagement.

A key aspect of FCBA’s mission is fostering diversity within the legal profession. The association emphasizes the importance of reflecting a broad spectrum of talent, perspectives, and experiences in TMT law and policy. This commitment is evident in the strategic initiatives designed to attract diverse law students and guide them toward successful careers.

Central to these efforts is the FCBA Diversity Pipeline Program (DPP), a pioneering initiative aimed at bridging the gap for law students from historically underrepresented and disadvantaged backgrounds.

As a selective internship and legal skills enrichment program, DPP readies underrepresented law students for careers in TMT law and policy by connecting participants to paid internships through the DPP Internship Program, introducing them to the field via the TMT Law & Policy Certificate Program, and offering ongoing support and education by way of the Summer Series and Mentorship Program.

The DPP is a comprehensive career development journey. Students receive continuous support from FCBA, which hones their legal and policy expertise and prepares them to succeed in demanding, elite legal careers.

FCBA’s commitment to diversity underscores its belief that a varied workforce enhances productivity, creativity, and decision-making, while also fostering employee engagement and improving organizational reputation. By increasing diversity in the TMT field, the FCBA aims to cultivate a more equitable and effective legal profession.●