Task Force Finds Decades of Gender Inequity at Yale School of Medicine

An Ad Hoc Task Force on Gender Equity at the Yale School of Medicine (YSM) has been examining reports of gender bias at the school and released its findings last week.

The task force reports that concerns about gender equity at the school have been present for at least two decades. Advancement, salary equity, and an unfavorable climate for women faculty were some of the problems the committee found.

“Many faculty [members] have expressed long-standing concerns that the environment at YSM is inhospitable toward women and that inequities are perpetuated by a leadership that has not been held accountable for fostering diversity and inclusion,” the report says.

The committee also found evidence of inadequate mentoring and gender disparity in senior positions.

“Although the ratio of men-to-women hires approaches one at the assistant professor level, more men are hired at higher ranks, especially for tenured faculty positions,” the report says.

Between 2010 and 2014, 20 full, male professors were hired, compared to only five women.

The task force recommends hiring a chief diversity officer and conducting annual reviews of deans and other senior leaders that explicitly evaluate their commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive campus climate.