Report Examines How LGBTQ Students of Color Identify

Increasingly, the acceptance of LGBTQ people has become more mainstream, but the same has not always been true of LGBTQ people of color, according to researchers at The Ohio State University (OSU) Center for Higher Education Enterprise (CHEE).

To counterbalance the significant amount of general research literature that exists on LGBTQ students, CHEE released a report of never-before published findings, titled Beyond Coming Out: New Insights About GLBQ College Students of Color, which examines the intersectionality of these students’ dual minority statuses and how they use and define various sexual identity labels.

The 52-page report also includes strategies for LGBTQ ethnic minority students when disclosing their sexual identity, as well as a set of recommendations for campus administrators, faculty and staff, policymakers, allies, and religious leaders.

“After many years of research and much anticipation, we are proud to share the information included in this national report,” Terrell Strayhorn, director of CHEE and professor of higher education at OSU, said in a press release. “We hope that it serves as a call to action for all to take bold steps to positively improve the experience of [LGBTQ] college students of color nationwide.”

The national report is available for free online and can be downloaded here.