Read, Watch, Listen: March 2023

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Cover of the book "Dismantling Institutional Whiteness: Emerging Forms of Leadership in Higher Education"READ: ‘Dismantling Institutional Whiteness: Emerging Forms of Leadership in Higher Education’

In “Dismantling Institutional Whiteness,” editors M. Cristina Alcalde, PhD, and Mangala Subramaniam, PhD, investigate the reasons why women of color are underrepresented in higher education leadership roles. Featuring first-person narratives of women of color along with original research, the book asserts the importance of giving voice to leaders with intersectional identities who can champion lasting change at their institutions. Included throughout are suggestions for how college and university administrators can address inequities and help diversify higher education leadership.

Published by Purdue University Press

The 1619 Project logoWATCH: ‘The 1619 Project’

More than three years after its initial publication in The New York Times Magazine, “The 1619 Project” continues to examine the impact of slavery and racism in the U.S. through this new six-part documentary series. The groundbreaking project takes new life in this visual format by spotlighting the personal story of its creator, Nikole Hannah-Jones, as she interviews historians, politicians, activists, and other cultural figures. Each episode focuses on a specific theme — capitalism, democracy, fear, justice, music, and race — that represents the experiences of African Americans throughout the nation’s history.

Streaming on Hulu

Promotional image for the Real Talk: Diversity in Higher Education podcastLISTEN: ‘Real Talk: A Diversity in Higher Ed Podcast’

Hosted by KC Councilor, PhD, communication, media, and screen studies professor at Southern Connecticut State University, and Jamil Harp, community activist, this podcast series focuses on candid conversations about diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in higher education. Since its first season in 2020, more than 20 guests — scholars, activists, and other thought leaders — have joined the hosts for engaging discussions on how to improve DEI on college campuses.

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