Read, Watch, Listen: April 2023

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Cover of A Dream DefaultedREAD: ‘A Dream Defaulted: The Student Loan Crisis Among Black Borrowers’

Using more than five years of research, authors Jason N. Houle, PhD, and Fenaba R. Addo, PhD, examine the student loan system and how it negatively impacts low-income, first-generation, and underrepresented students in the processes of debt accumulation and repayment. Through their analysis, Houle and Addo trace inequities in the current student loan crisis back to centuries of systemic racism and argue that more action is necessary to address ongoing disparities in access to higher education.

Published by Harvard Education Press

Cover of Pride WATCH: ‘Pride’

This six-part documentary series chronicles the fight for LGBTQ+ rights that began in the 1950s and continues today. Each episode is shot by an LGBTQ+ filmmaker who uses their distinct style to tell a story of perseverance through archival footage, historical reenactments, and other narrative elements. Together, the episodes show the long and difficult battle to achieve equal rights — and the work that still must be done.

Streaming on Hulu

Leading Diversity at Work podcast logoLISTEN: ‘Leading Diversity at Work’

Leading Diversity at Work, a podcast series from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, features conversations between Wharton professor Stephanie Creary and a range of experts in diversity, equity, and inclusion. Each episode tackles concerns that business leaders face — such as how national politics impacts DEI in the workplace — and offers solutions on how to use their influence to make a positive difference.

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