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READ: LGBTQ Leadership in Higher Education

Through the perspectives of 15 LGBTQ presidents and chancellors in higher education, this anthology examines why diverse leadership matters, especially when it comes to addressing challenges related to academia and human rights. In 12 essays, current and former campus leaders offer insights on topics such as mentorship, feminism, self-care, and coming out. By sharing their experiences, the authors provide an inspiring glimpse into how they have overcome personal struggles, managed intersectional identities, and become accomplished leaders who champion diversity, equity, and inclusion. Published by Johns Hopkins University Press

WATCH: The Janes

In the face of Roe v. Wade’s overturn, this timely documentary highlights the efforts of a group of Chicago women who helped provide abortions prior to the 1973 ruling. The women, who called themselves “Janes,” defied the Illinois state legislature to create an underground network that assisted those with unwanted pregnancies, all while putting their own personal and professional lives on the line. “We want young women and men to see this film and hear these women’s stories,” co-director Emma Pildes told Variety magazine. “They tell you what this country looks like when women don’t have the right to make this decision for themselves in vivid detail.” Streaming on HBO Max

LISTEN: SpeechMatters “Leading with Love in the Face of Targeted Harassment”

This episode of the SpeechMatters podcast, produced by the National Center for Free Speech and Civic Engagement at the University of California (UC), explores how diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) professionals can remain committed to their work and lead with love, even when facing resistance or harassment. Dania Matos, vice chancellor for UC Berkeley’s Division of Equity and Inclusion, discusses her career in the private, nonprofit, and government sectors as well as her own experience being targeted as a woman of color working in the DEI field. Available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts

This article was published in our July/August 2022 issue.