Purdue Challenges Faculty to Develop Projects to Increase Diversity

The Purdue University Office of the Provost announced this week its Diversity Transformation Award (DTA) program, which is an initiative to support increased minority student and faculty representation at the university.

The provost’s office is committing $1 million to fund five to eight proposals for two years, for up to $150,000 per project. Proposals will only be accepted from Purdue faculty members, but anyone is eligible to be on project teams.

The goals of the DTA include increasing the enrollment, retention, and graduation of underrepresented minorities (URMs) at Purdue; ensuring the successful transition of URMs into master’s and PhD programs; recruiting URM postdoctoral fellows and professors; and improving Purdue’s academic climate in ways that support diversity.

Proposals will be presented orally, with accompanying slides, to a university review panel. Purdue will post video recordings of the proposals online, to spark conversations on increasing diversity within the campus community. The deadline to register is October 9.

Debasish Dutta, provost and executive vice president for academic affairs and diversity at the university, has been carrying out the role of chief diversity officer (CDO) since the termination of the CDO position and the dissolution of Purdue’s Division of Diversity and Inclusion in July. He calls the DTA program the first of its kind.

“Our country is the most pluralistic and multicultural nation in the world,” Dutta said in a statement. “Purdue seeks to be a leader in mirroring the diversity of our nation and world. One of the intended outcomes of the Diversity Transformation Award program is to create an environment where faculty, students, and staff all benefit from combined knowledge and shared cultures.”

Find the full program description and information on how to register here.