Profiles of Success: New Book Highlights Women in Tech

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Released by River Publishers, The Internet of Women: Accelerating Cultural Change profiles 30 female leaders in engineering and technology worldwide. Drawing on case studies and firsthand accounts, the book offers concrete examples of how individual women, organizations, and societies have successfully integrated STEM industries once reserved solely for men.

While acknowledging the fact that women’s participation still lags behind that of men in the global workforce, particularly in leadership roles, The Internet of Women proves that gender equity — even in the male-dominated world of tech — is an obtainable goal.

“The glaring absence of women in leadership roles in tech and engineering is a rallying cry for interventions and strategies toward gender equality and cultural change, [which are] all addressed in this book through an engaging collection of essays that recount the persistence of women in tech and the richness of diversity and inclusion,” says Nada Marie Anid, PhD, dean of the New York Institute of Technology’s School of Engineering and Computer Sciences. Anid served as one of the book’s several editors — all of whom are female leaders in tech.

The Internet of Women includes inspirational yet practical examples of how public policy and private industry can work together to revolutionize opportunities for women the world over. It has been hailed as a necessary guidebook for companies, educators, and innovators by Fortune 500 CEOs and industry leaders. To learn more, visit