Holly Mendelson


Vice President and Co-owner of Potomac Publishing, Inc.
Co-publisher of Insight Into Diversity magazine
Vice President and Co-owner of Campus Climate Surveys, LLC

Holly Mendelson is the vice president and co-owner of Potomac Publishing, Inc. She is also the co-publisher of Insight Into Diversity magazine, the largest, oldest, and most respected national diversity and inclusion magazine in higher education.

Prior to owning Insight Into Diversity(formerly known as the Affirmative Action Register), Holly worked in corporate marketing at companies such as Marriott International, Inc., and Bell Atlantic, Inc. She spent 20-plus years shaping the way organizations communicated with their customers and was proud to help grow the Marriott Rewards program into the largest hotel loyalty program in the world by the time she left.

When the time came in 2007 to make a transition to communicating about diversity, inclusion, higher education, equality in employment, and the critical nature of the work being done in these areas, she embraced the opportunity. Holly believes the work she has been doing with Insight Into Diversity over the last 10 years has turned out to be her calling. It aligns with her strong personal beliefs and values, and she feels it has been life-changing in the most positive ways.

Since purchasing Insight Into Diversity in 2007, Holly and co-owner Lenore Pearlstein have completely revamped the publication to be the foremost voice in advancing the national conversation about diversity and inclusion in higher education and beyond. Holly has focused on expanding Insight’s readership through partnerships with many highly respected organizations in an effort to reach all underserved populations, and she continually looks to increase the reach of the publication and its important message.

Holly is also the vice president and co-owner of Insight’s subsidiary, Campus Climate Surveys, LLC, which markets Viewfinder® Campus Climate Surveys.

Holly graduated from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, in 1987 with a bachelor of arts degree in marketing, communications, and psychology. She resides in Gaithersburg, Md., with her husband, Brad, and has two teenage children.