Debra Boyd

Director of Operations for Potomac Publishing, Inc.
and Campus Climate Surveys, LLC

Debra Boyd is the Director of Operations for Potomac Publishing Inc., and Campus Climate Surveys, LLC. In 2017, following a lucrative career in residential real estate, she joined the team of the two related companies to assist in their long-term mission and continue their nationwide achievements in advancing diversity and inclusion in higher education and beyond.

Since then, she has taken on the role of project manager for every Viewfinder Campus Climate Survey client, from start to finish. For Potomac Publishing, Inc., she led the national launch of their newest publication, DiversityIS, the only national diversity and inclusion magazine for K-12 Independent Schools. She continues to incorporate her previous marketing, financial, and strategic advising expertise to both companies, which to date has led to tremendous and impactful growth.

Debra graduated from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst where she received a Bachelor of Science in Economics. She currently lives in Alexandria, Virginia with her husband, daughter and cat.