OSU Freezes Tuition for Third Straight Year

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While tuition costs continue to increase across the country, Oklahoma State University (OSU) students will benefit from a continued freeze on tuition and mandatory fees, as the OSU and Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical Colleges Board of Regents voted unanimously to maintain current rates for the third year in a row. This decision reflects the fifth time in six years that the university has avoided raising costs, demonstrating the Board’s commitment to affordability.

Board Chair Joe Hall highlighted the significance of the decision in a press release, stating, “We are pleased to maintain our current tuition and mandatory fees for the third consecutive year without an increase. This decision reflects the commitment of OSU leadership and the Regents to responsible fiscal management. As a land-grant university, our primary mission is to offer an affordable, accessible, and high-quality education so as many students as possible can earn a college degree.”

OSU President Kayse Shrum, PhD, shared her gratitude for the Regents’ support, and emphasized the importance of fiscal prudence in maintaining affordability. “The decision reflects our shared commitment to affordability through prudent management of our financial resources,” Shrum said. “The OSU community’s dedication to solid financial management allows us to fulfill our land grant mission to provide access for as many students as possible to a high-quality college education.”

The financial stability of Oklahoma State University has been consistently acknowledged by major credit rating agencies. Both S&P Global and Fitch Group have awarded OSU a high AA- rating, the strongest financial rating among Oklahoma’s colleges and universities, affirming the institution’s robust financial health.

This strategic move by the OSU/A&M Board of Regents aims to ease the financial burden on students and their families, reinforcing Oklahoma State University’s dedication to offering accessible and affordable education.