NMSDC Launches Program to Help Minority Millennials Become Successful Entrepreneurs

The National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) recently announced the launch of a new initiative to assist the millennial generation of minority entrepreneurs. Sponsored by MetLife and created and facilitated by human resources firm McPherson|Berry, the Emerging Young Entrepreneurs (EYE) program will offer participants transformational learning and business development to help them start and grow small businesses.

This yearlong program begins in late October with a five-day, hands-on training session at NMSDC’s annual conference in Detroit, where participants will learn the skills, tools, and strategies to launch their own businesses as well as maximize opportunities for growth. EYE provides them with a blueprint for how to successfully start and sustain a new venture by taking them through the assessment, think tank, feasibility, and execution stages of the business development process, with a special interest in science, technology, engineering, and math fields.

With expertise provided by industry professionals, executives, and faculty members from across the country, the program works to educate entrepreneurs on the five key areas of running a successful company, improve their understanding of the needs of organizations to build innovative solutions, and increase their business acumen. Following the initial training, facilitators will engage with participants throughout the following year to continue their development and track their progress, as well as guide these entrepreneurs through the minority business enterprise certification process.

Eligible individuals include minority undergraduate students in their junior or senior year of college — or those at the graduate level — who have an innovative business idea “that can solve current business, community, or life challenges,” as well as individuals of color ages 19 to 35 who are entrepreneurs, according to NMSDC’s website. The organization will select 20 individuals to participate in EYE’s first year, and it hopes to continue the program going forward.

For more information, visit nmsdc.org/eye.