Louisiana Colleges Launch Oral History Project to Preserve Legacy of Women in Politics

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This week, universities across Louisiana announced the creation of the Louisiana Women in Politics Oral History Project in celebration of Women’s History Month.

The initiative is intended to preserve the legacies of women political leaders in Louisiana and serve as a resource for academics and women pursuing political careers in the future.

The Reilly Center for Media & Public Affairs at Louisiana State University (LSU) is partnering with faculty at three other colleges in the state to administer the project. Louisiana Tech University, the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, and Xavier University will all be involved in the initiative.

“While Louisiana women have served in elected office for decades, their presence is sparse even today, and their legacies go largely untold,” LSU Reilly Center Director Jenée Slocum said in a statement. “This project will contribute to understanding women’s historical and current roles in governing, as well as the work left to do in realizing gender parity in Louisiana.”

Recordings from the project will be housed at the T. Harry Williams Center at LSU, with secondary repositories at the University of Louisiana Center for Louisiana Studies, the Louisiana Illuminator reports.