Juvenile Linked to Spate of 2022 HBCU Threats

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One person has been responsible for nearly every threat made against dozens of historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) throughout the country in 2022, according to the FBI. 

Given that the perpetrator is a minor, a name and description have not been released.

The racially motivated threats began in February, during Black History Month, when numerous HBCUs received bomb threats that forced campus or building evacuations. Bomb and active shooter threats persisted at HBCUs throughout the year, taking a toll on the mental health of students, faculty, and staff, according to several HBCU officials.

FBI officials stated that the juvenile has been prosecuted by state authorities and is under government observation and restrictions to prevent additional threats. 

“We’re pleased that the FBI has brought someone to justice,” Lodriguez Murray, senior vice president for public policy and government affairs at the United Negro College Fund, told The Washington Post. “This does not make up for the terror that has been caused on our campuses and the impacts on our students’ operations, classes and most importantly mental health.”

The juvenile reportedly called in threats to 50 institutions nationwide through January and February. The minor was not charged with any federal crimes per standard federal legal procedures. However, they were charged in a state court for issuing other, unrelated threats, which allows the FBI to closely monitor their activity.

Although the perpetrator accounted for a significant portion of the threats, the FBI is continuing to investigate the remaining threats against HBCUs and other institutions. Many of the remaining have been linked to foreign IP addresses, according to federal investigators.