INSIGHT to Host Part 2 of Free Webinar Series: ‘Women of Color Need Courageous Allies in the Academy’

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Join us for INSIGHT Into Diversity’s discussion series, Women of Color Need Courageous Allies in the Academy: Part Two, where Black and White women in academia explore how White women colleagues can be allies in the fight for racial and gender equity.

Navigating race and gender in the academy can be tricky. Often, Black women and White women find themselves in situations where knowing the best thing to do or say is not always easy or apparent. Sometimes we are silent or fail to act because we are uncertain how to respond in a way that isn’t inappropriate or offensive or even if we should respond at all in these types of situations.

In part two of our webinar series, Black women in the academy will share their perspectives on what real allyship and commitment mean, the importance of understanding one’s own motives, and what White women can expect to encounter in doing this work. White women will share their journeys and how they continue to evolve and educate themselves.

We hope to prepare participants to be equipped with the understanding and tools that all women can use to support one another more effectively.

Join us for a free webinar Monday, December 7th
from 2:00-4:00pm EST
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