Federally Funded Food Safety Lab to Partner with Minority-Serving Institutions for Research

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Photo Credit: Likati Thomas, Feed the Future Tanzania Mbogana Matunda

The Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Food Safety (FSIL) led by Purdue University and Cornell University announced a funding opportunity in global food safety research this week for Minority-Serving Institutions (MSIs).

The lab is looking to reduce foodborne illnesses in Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean and wants MSIs in the U.S. to take on the data-driven research project.

Funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development, FSIL is one of several innovation labs created through Feed the Future, a global hunger and food security initiative launched in 2010 by the Obama administration.

FSIL’s Request For Application (RFA) will expand and strengthen the federal government’s efforts to tackle global food safety and security challenges by addressing policies and practices such as microbial and chemical food hazards, according to the FSIL press release. 

“To my knowledge, this RFA is the first of its kind to focus on helping develop collaborative partnerships among predominantly white institutions (PWIs) and MSIs,” Levon Esters, Purdue professor and advisor of RFA development and MSI outreach, said in a statement. 

Download the full RFA and apply on the FSIL Piestar RFx site.