Dozens of Institutions Partner in Sexual Harassment Prevention Collaborative

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More than 40 institutions have partnered with the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) to launch a collaborative on preventing sexual harassment in higher education.

The collaborative’s goal is to research and develop evidence-based policies and practices for preventing sexual harassment. NASEM found that up to half of all female students and more than half of all female faculty experience sexual harassment in academic settings. 

The four main goals of the collaborative include the following:

● Raise awareness about sexual harassment and how it occurs, the consequences of sexual harassment, and the organizational characteristics and recommended approaches that can prevent it.

● Share and elevate evidence-based institutional policies and strategies to reduce and prevent sexual harassment.

● Contribute to setting the research agenda, and gather and apply research results across institutions.

● Develop a standard for measuring progress toward reducing and preventing sexual harassment in higher education.

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