Brown University Announces Plan to Improve Faculty, Graduate Student Diversity

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Brown University introduced a plan on Monday aimed at doubling the number of faculty and graduate students who have been historically underrepresented by 2022 in hopes of improving on-campus diversity.

University President Christina Paxson said the plan, titled “Pathways to Diversity and Inclusion: An Action Plan for Brown University,” expands upon Brown’s current efforts.

In a statement, a spokesperson for Brown said the university has made “substantial progress” increasing diversity among the undergraduate population and medical students but that “diversity among the faculty and graduate students has not seen the same level of progress.”

Most of the programs planned as part of the diversity and inclusion plan are related to Brown’s $3 billion comprehensive campaign, BrownTogether, launched in October 2015.

“A diverse and inclusive academic community is foundational to every ambition we have as an institution of higher education,” Paxson said in a statement. “A diverse campus brings together the wealth of experiences and viewpoints that are critical for a vibrant intellectual community. An inclusive campus — one in which people from all backgrounds are respected and supported — is essential to fully realize the benefits of our diversity.”

As part of its efforts outlined under the plan, Brown plans to launch a Native American and Indigenous Peoples’ initiative, as well as expand its Center for the Study of Race and Ethnicity in America and the Center for the Study of Slavery and Justice.

“It is imperative that all students are valued, respected, and provided with equal opportunities to thrive at Brown,” the statement said.