Art Exhibition Elevates Diversity

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From top: Julie Atkinson; Orinda, California - "Hyacinth," Jennifer Evans; San Francisco, California - "Blue Women Series No. 100," Linn Saffer; Queens, NY - "Conversation 5"

“‘Diversity Unveiled: An American Mosaic’ isn’t just an exhibition; it’s an inclusive community event with a vibrant dialogue. We aim to showcase the power of art in fostering inclusive conversations. By bringing together artists from around the country with diverse perspectives, we hope to spark meaningful discourse and push the boundaries of artistic expression, academic inquiry, and scholarly production,” said University of Wyoming (UW) graduate student and exhibit curator Gerald Lovato, whose philosophy of “curation as methodology” allowed for the creation of a “living laboratory” of DEI principles.

“Diversity Unveiled: An American Mosaic” was on display this spring at UW’s historic Cooper House Mansion. The student-led exhibit served as a response to the recent state law restricting Wyoming institutions from spending state funding on the university’s Office of DEI. The UW project demonstrates how art can serve as a powerful tool for social discourse and shape a more inclusive future.