Publication Calendar

Each issue of INSIGHT Into Diversity will feature articles related to current news and information in the world of diversity and inclusion.


Special Report

January/February 2024
Advertising Deadline: 12/14
Online Publication: 12/21
Print Publication: 12/27
Nursing and Pharmacy Schools
March 2024
Advertising Deadline: 2/2
Online Publication: 2/12
Print Publication: 2/19
Community Colleges
Library Excellence in Access and Diversity (LEAD) Awards
April 2024
Advertising Deadline: 3/8
Online Publication: 3/18
Print Publication: 3/25
Business Schools
Inspiring Programs in Business Awards
May 2024
Advertising Deadline: 4/8
Online Publication: 4/16
Print Publication: 4/23

Dental, Medical, and Veterinary Schools
June 2024
Advertising Deadline: 5/8
Online Publication: 5/20
Print Publication: 5/27

Performing and Fine Arts Schools
LGBTQ+ Pride Month

July/August 2024
Advertising Deadline: 6/19
Online Publication: 7/1
Print Publication: 7/8
Law Schools
Military Veterans
September 2024
Advertising Deadline: 8/8
Online Publication: 8/19
Print Publication: 8/29
STEM Disciplines 
Inspiring Programs in STEM Awards
October 2024
Advertising Deadline: 9/9
Online Publication: 9/17
Print Publication: 9/24
Schools of Architecture and Hospitality Management
November/December 2024
Advertising Deadline: 10/23
Online Publication: 11/6
Print Publication: 11/15
2024 Higher Education Excellence in Diversity (HEED) Awards