About the HEED Award

The INSIGHT Into Diversity Higher Education Excellence in Diversity (HEED) Award annually recognizes colleges and universities that demonstrate an outstanding commitment to diversity and inclusion.

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What is the HEED Award?

The INSIGHT Into Diversity HEED Award, open to all colleges and universities across the U.S. and Canada, measures an institution’s level of achievement and intensity of commitment in regard to broadening diversity and inclusion on campus through initiatives, programs, and outreach; student recruitment, retention, and completion; and hiring practices for faculty and staff.

Applications are comprehensive, covering all aspects of campus diversity and inclusion. One of the goals of the application process is to help institutions of higher education assess their diversity efforts in order to build on their success and improve where necessary.

Who judges HEED Award applications?

Representatives of Potomac Publishing, Inc., publisher of INSIGHT Into Diversity magazine, review and evaluate all applications. INSIGHT Into Diversity Editorial Board members and members of the Health Professions HEED Award Advisory Board may be asked to assist with evaluating applications.

Is there a fee to participate in the HEED Award application process?

Participation is free; there are no hidden costs.

When will the HEED Award recipients be announced?

Embargoed notification will be given to 2023 HEED Award recipients this summer. Honorees will be announced in the November 2023 and December 2023 issues of INSIGHT Into Diversity magazine.

Can any college or university apply for the award?

Yes. The HEED Award application is open to all baccalaureate-granting institutions and graduate schools in the U.S. and Canada. The Community College HEED Award application is open to all community colleges in the U.S. and Canada. The Health Professions HEED Award application is open to all accredited U.S. and Canadian health profession schools including, but not limited to, medical, dental, pharmacy, nursing, veterinary, and osteopathic medical schools.

What is the application deadline?

Application deadline for the HEED Award and the Community College HEED Award is June 30, 2023 and the deadline for the Health Professions HEED Award is July 15, 2023.

What is the benefit of being selected as a HEED Award recipient?

The HEED Award, the Community College HEED Award, and the Health Professions HEED Award are the only national awards that honor individual institutions for being outstanding examples of colleges, universities, community colleges, or health profession schools that are committed to making diversity and inclusion a top priority across their campuses. Sharing this important recognition with your campus and community helps showcase your school’s excellence in developing innovators and leaders for today’s global workforce.

What do HEED Award recipients receive?

Each HEED Award, Community College HEED Award, and Health Professions HEED Award recipient receives a certificate, copies of the HEED Award issue, and complimentary access to the HEED award logo for promotional use in print and online marketing materials.

Does application information provided by schools remain private during the evaluation process, and once HEED Awards are published?

INSIGHT Into Diversity will only publish the names of recipients.