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Dunkin' Donuts Faces 'Systematic Racial Discrimination' Lawsuit

A lawsuit filed against Dunkin' Donuts parent company,  Dunkin' Brands, is accusing the donut and coffee chain of giving white franchise owners preferable locations in more economically prosperous areas. Plaintiffs include Priti Shetty, an Indian-American Dunkin' Donuts franchise owner who filed a previous suit in May that claimed the company forced her to keep her two stores open 24 hours and denied her a request to open a third location, shortly before the same location was granted to a different franchise owner. Shetty is now joined by Amy and Reggie Pretto, an African-American couple, whose similar claims include that Dunkin' Brands steered them to open stores in "undesirable locations." Of 7,000 franchises operated by Dunkin' Brands, only 50 are owned by African Americans, according to the complaint, while not a single franchise in New Jersey, Connecticut, New York or Rhode Island is operated by "Asian Indian American women of color." Click here to read more.
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