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Edward E
President & CEO
We are a full-service global consulting firm with 30+ years of experience. We specialize in Diversity and Inclusion ROI Strategic Planning Measurement and Alignment Consulting, Diversity Analytics and Metrics, Diversity Strategy Development, Diversity and Inclusion Consulting, Diversity ROI Certification, Diversity and Inclusion Training, Diversity Scorecard Development, Climate and Cultural Audits, Employee Resource Group and Business Resource Group Development, ERG and BRG Leaders and Diversity Councils Certification and Certificate Training, Student Faculty Staff Recruitment and Retention, Training Evaluation and Impact Analysis Services, Keynote and Skill-Building Presentations, Executive and Leadership Development Workshops, Unconscious Bias and Micro-inequities Training, Efficacy and Personal Success Training, Metrics Target Setting and Performance Analysis, Online Diversity Dashboards and Scorecards, Talent Management and Acquisition Services, Change Management, Online Diversity Benchmark Services, and Strategic Planning and various related topics but not limited to those mentioned to demonstrate Diversity and Inclusion’s measurable impact on the bottom-line.

Offering full-service “ROI-Based” Diversity and Inclusion solutions and is UNIQUELY skilled to help you make a measurable, Return on Investment (ROI) difference in your organization’s performance. Published more than 40 books and extensive research in the Diversity ROI measurement and Business fields to provide proven, science-based solutions. In the Organization Development, Human Resource Development, Diversity Training, Diversity Certification, Diversity ROI Measurement, Analytics, Surveys, and Scorecard Development business for over 30 years. As the Founder, Living Legends of Diversity Award Winner and Pioneer in the Diversity Measurement, Diversity ROI Analytics, and measurable Human Performance Improvement fields (created the Diversity Measurement and Analytics fields), we provide Diversity and Inclusion solutions which create a measurable impact on your organization’s performance.