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Leadership Advisory & Executive Search Consultant
retained executive search, leadership consulting, leadership advisory, leadership training, executive coaching, leadership development

Executive recruiting and search consultants for leadership and management positions. Leadership development and training programs include diversity and inclusion, career advancement, leadership communications, corporate organization, and also emotional intelligence and successful attitudes for leaders.

Chief Diversity Officer
, ,
At CSUSM: Enterprise-wide leadership, strategic planning and advising on diversity, educational equity and inclusion.
Externally: Leadership (Presidents & CDO's) coaching/consulting and speaking engagements focused primarily on diversity, educational equity and inclusion in higher education.

We provide a full spectrum of diversity, educational equity and inclusion services across the University. This includes, but is not limited to, thought leadership; student, faculty and staff recruitment and success; assistance with curricular and co-curricular initiatives; direct programming; partnering with Community Engagement; and shepherding the CSUSM Diversity & Inclusion Strategic Plan.

I provide a full range of organizational development consulting services, including executive coaching, talent management, team development, change management, and strategic planning. I offer business coaching to help clients advance in their career path, through improved self-management, strategic thinking, collaboration with others, personal resilience, and assertiveness. I consult on talent management goals of organizations, including high performer identification through assessment, job mapping/modeling, and building employee engagement.

I work with organizations to help them build their employer brand on gender diversity, a key dimension linked to profitability, employee engagement, and client satisfaction. This is achieved through bespoke gender diversity programs, communications strategies, and talent retention efforts.

Taylor, Ed.D.
Associate Dean for Diversity and Cultural Affairs
Diversity, inclusion, civility programming & community outreach

Development and implementation of programs that support awareness, understanding, and celebration of difference, and promote a healthy environment of mutual respect and collaboration

212 305-3582
Ph.D., CDP
DIUB Facilitator (Diversity, Inclusion & Unconscious Bias)
D&I and Unconscious Bias lectures and training.

• Diversity Climate Analysis & Audit/Needs Assessment

• Unconscious Bias and Diversity Training, which includes but is not limited to:
1. One-To-One Discussion & Coaching
2. Leadership & Top Management Guidance
3. The Global Classroom

• Post Assessment/Training Review & Follow Up: Diversity and inclusion understanding does not end with a diversity audit/climate analysis or training. Through surveys, one-to-one sessions, meetings with ERGs and DCs, and discussions with leadership and management, I provide periodic company and employee reviews, as well as next step recommendations.
• Lectures on various diversity related topics, including but limited to, unconscious bias, self-reflection, cultural competency and diversity and inclusion.

Director, Diversity and Inclusion
The Office of Diversity and Inclusion motivates, trains, and equips all students to truly value a diverse campus experience by:
INCREASING pride through knowledge and appreciation of one’s own culture;
REDUCING prejudices by increasing an appreciation for similarities and difference;
PROVIDING frequent opportunities to learn concepts and to acquire lifetime skills;
INTRODUCING concepts and skills, so that academic achievement is improved and;
WELCOMING different viewpoints and perspectives from the entire campus community

Trainings, strategic plans, leadership development, social justice programming.

Diversity Hiring, Sensitivity, Train-the-Trainers and Cultural Competence Consultations and Presentations

Program Name: New Paradigms for Diversifying Faculty and Staff in Higher Education: Uncovering Cultural Biases in the Search and Hiring Process

Design and Rationale:
The latest statistics (2014) indicate that there has been little progress in diversifying faculty and staff in higher education: 80 to 90% are still white. So why, despite the best intentions, are many programs and policies failing to increase the recruitment, hiring, and retention of faculty, administrators, and staff of color? What is often overlooked is the significant role of search committee biases, assumptions, and dynamics as well as institutional/departmental culture and climate.
In our train-the-trainer professional development program, New Paradigms for Diversifying Faculty and Staff in Higher Education: Uncovering Cultural Biases in the Search and Hiring Process, we work with all those involved in hiring to address both of these reasons. First, we facilitate the interactive program for key advocates and stakeholders for diverse hiring (i.e. diversity committee members, human resource officers and personnel, upper level administrators, etc.). We recommend a two-day (4 hour each day) schedule for this first workshop.
Next, we work with the college or university to identify future facilitators (from 10 to 20 people) who we can train to continue offering the program and using the materials we provide: participant pamphlet, powerpoint slides, DVD interviews of faculty, administrators, and staff of color. We also recommend a two-day (4 hour each day) schedule for this train-the-trainer session.
Finally we facilitate the diverse hiring workshop again for administrators, board member, deans, and department chairs (two-day, 4 hour each day) while the cohort of new facilitators from the institution observe and assist.

The objectives of the program are reinforced throughout the first workshop and the train-the-trainer session:
1. To describe the rationale for and the benefits of a diverse faculty and staff for students, the institution, and the community.
2. To understand the common experiences, struggles, and challenges of culturally diverse and minority faculty and staff in predominantly-white colleges and universities.
3. To analyze how the culture of an institution or department could be creating an unwelcoming climate for culturally diverse and minority faculty and staff.
4. To identify implicit biases in the search and hiring process that might be discouraging or rejecting culturally diverse and minority candidates for positions.
5. To recognize institutional, departmental, and individual obstacles for hiring and keeping diverse faculty and staff.
6. To recommend new paradigms, strategies, resources, and practices for recruiting, hiring, and retaining culturally diverse and minority faculty and staff.

To have as many people as possible involved in the hiring process and search committees to participate in the program so that implicit biases and other obstacles will be minimized, resulting in greater success in recruiting, hiring, and keeping diverse faculty, administrators, and staff.

Ed. D.
Presidential Fellow for Diversity and Inclusion & Professor of Education
*Workshops and training
*Inter-group dialogue facilitation

I Develop institutional capacities for diversity and inclusion program development and implementation, community engagement in the strategic advancement of inclusive excellence, as well as culturally responsive curriculum development, implementation, and pedagogy. I engage participants from all institutional sectors in cultural identity exploration and elevate their understanding of self and others and of the centrality of human interdependence in their lived professional and personal experiences, and their commitments to equity and social justice.

Chief Learning Officer
Comprehensive diversity strategic planning, climate studies, talent management, and diversity seminars and training. A complete listing of services and training can be found at

Our work focuses specifically on higher education with a research-based approach that draws on leading-edge best practices. Using concrete, evidence-based approaches, we offer seminars on academic and administrative leadership, department chairs and diversity, faculty diversity and search committee mentoring, campus climate, student identity development, inclusive pedagogy, and related issues. Our approach is based on leading-edge research and finely tuned to the specific needs of colleges and universities. Using interactive, case-based seminars, we engage academicians, administrators, staff, and students in reflective discussions that help attain campus diversity goals, strengthen diversity awareness and understanding, overcome barriers, and build cultural competence.

Master of Public Administration
Diversity Program Manager
Diversity and inclusion strategy

Provide diversity and inclusion strategy for subcontractors and vendors. Maximize minority and female owned business participation. Track, report, monitor

Edward E
President & CEO
We are a full-service global consulting firm with 30+ years of experience. We specialize in Diversity and Inclusion ROI Strategic Planning Measurement and Alignment Consulting, Diversity Analytics and Metrics, Diversity Strategy Development, Diversity and Inclusion Consulting, Diversity ROI Certification, Diversity and Inclusion Training, Diversity Scorecard Development, Climate and Cultural Audits, Employee Resource Group and Business Resource Group Development, ERG and BRG Leaders and Diversity Councils Certification and Certificate Training, Student Faculty Staff Recruitment and Retention, Training Evaluation and Impact Analysis Services, Keynote and Skill-Building Presentations, Executive and Leadership Development Workshops, Unconscious Bias and Micro-inequities Training, Efficacy and Personal Success Training, Metrics Target Setting and Performance Analysis, Online Diversity Dashboards and Scorecards, Talent Management and Acquisition Services, Change Management, Online Diversity Benchmark Services, and Strategic Planning and various related topics but not limited to those mentioned to demonstrate Diversity and Inclusion's measurable impact on the bottom-line.

Offering full-service "ROI-Based" Diversity and Inclusion solutions and is UNIQUELY skilled to help you make a measurable, Return on Investment (ROI) difference in your organization's performance. Published more than 40 books and extensive research in the Diversity ROI measurement and Business fields to provide proven, science-based solutions. In the Organization Development, Human Resource Development, Diversity Training, Diversity Certification, Diversity ROI Measurement, Analytics, Surveys, and Scorecard Development business for over 30 years. As the Founder, Living Legends of Diversity Award Winner and Pioneer in the Diversity Measurement, Diversity ROI Analytics, and measurable Human Performance Improvement fields (created the Diversity Measurement and Analytics fields), we provide Diversity and Inclusion solutions which create a measurable impact on your organization’s performance.

Advisor-in-Residence for Academic Transition and Inclusion
Academic advising and transition to college support for first generation, traditionally underrepresented, and students at-risk for academic dismissal.

Working a part of the Transformative Learning team at Monmouth University, in this role I serve as an academic support and transition to college resource for traditionally underrepresented, first generation, and minority students. This work involves conceptualizing innovative and relatable ways to engage students in need of additional support, monitoring student academic progress using intrusive and appreciative advising approaches, building a network of student, faculty and staff to promote student involvement. In addition, in this role I serve as an academic affairs liaison contributing to campus-wide diversity and inclusion initiatives and targeted faculty development projects to promote academic success and inclusive student engagement across the campus community.

Wai-Ling Packard, PhD
Director, Weissman Center for Leadership
, , , ,
Mentoring and diversity, STEM persistence

Workshops on navigating difficult moments in the classroom or among colleagues, advising and mentoring students from diverse backgrounds.

413 538-3071
5340 McEver Rd Suite F
Customer Service
Printing, Pop, Promotional, Marketing and Fulfillment

Printing, Pop, Promotional, Marketing and Fulfillment

McDougle, MD, MPH
Chief Diversity Officer
faculty development; mentoring; recruitment; outcomes assessment; cultural competency training; oversee health professions pipeline programs; health disparities research; urban family medicine; strategic planning; curriculum development; medical student education; speaking engagements

Since July 1, 2013 I've served as the 1st Chief Diversity Officer for the OSU Wexner Medical Center workforce of 19,000 employees. Constituency includes learners, faculty, staff, and community. I Co-Chair the OSU Wexner Medical Center Diversity Council and serve on the Diversity Executive Committee. We aim to advance inclusive excellence in support of our mission to improve people's lives through innovation in research, education and patient care. In addition, I'm charged with establishing collaborations with leaders of diversity programs across the 7 health professions colleges at Ohio State. I also serve as the Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion for the College of Medicine and direct the MEDPATH Premedical Post-baccalaureate Program and Area Health Education Center (AHEC). Furthermore, I've provided leadership for international and national organizations such as the Association American Medical Colleges and National Medical Association with service as Chair of the Group on Diversity and Inclusion (November 2013-2015) and Chair of the Committee of Administrative and Financial Affairs (August 2014-2016), respectively.

614 292-0018
Vice President/CDO

Diversity Training, Diversity Master Plan Development, Hiring Practices

We develop training, workshops and keynotes for clients dealing with workplace bullying. At times, bullying stems from a diversity issue; therefore we also address those possible underlying elements.

Please visit
Keynote Speeches
Custom Workshops
Expert Witness Report
Interactive Training

Executive Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Diversity Training, Campus Diversity Assessment, Cultural Competence and Awareness Presentations.

My vision is to prepare higher education institutions and students to thrive in a diverse and global world.

My mission is to:

*Provide and support workshops, programs, and events that promote diversity education, multicultural awareness, and social justice.

*Collaborate with the appropriate entities in developing strategic objectives and administering initiatives to increase the recruitment and success of underrepresented students and employees.

*Collect and analyze campus data and other resources to identify best practices and recommend policies and procedures to create an inclusive campus.

Chief Diversity Officer
A higher education diversity and inclusion leader with 20 plus years of experience.Participation on numerous campus and community committees, Strategic Planning, Leadership Development, Recruitment, Retention, Community Engagement, Diversity analytics, Climate assessment, Global Initiatives, Motivational Speaking, Diversity Media and Communications, Diversity and Inclusion consulting.

Inclusive Diversity Strategic Planning, Program design and Leadership Development, Recruitment, Retention of students, faculty and staff, Community Engagement, Global Initiatives, Motivational Speaking, Diversity Media and Communications, Strategic Crisis management.

Facilitation, Executive Coaching, Training, Program Development, Workshops

I provide skilled, productive meeting facilitation, outcome based training, leadership coaching, and cross-cultural awareness and interpersonal communication programs for mission driven organizations. I am able to provide experienced support for launching initiatives and implementing strategy around complex issues like gender equity and cultural competency/inclusion.

A Certified Professional Coach with fifteen years of experience in Higher Education, I work with individuals and organizations to develop their capacity and realize their goals, whether they are writing a strategic plan, advancing in their profession, or launching a new initiative.

I have been told that I am a dynamic facilitator, skilled trainer and outstanding coach. I love learning and appreciate challenging opportunities that allow me to acquire new skills or expand my current abilities. I balance my work by volunteering with nonprofits in my community, gardening, and spending time with family and friends.

Chair, Communication Department
Workshops, Training, Program Development

I have provided leadership in developing programs and credentials for the Ginger Hill Unitarian Universalist Congregation since 2002. Under my leadership GHUUC has become a Welcoming Congregation and a UU-United Nations Organization Blue Ribbon Congregation. I have delivered Sunday services on many diversity-related topics including social justice, economic inequality, women's rights, and issues related to social class, ability, and gender identity. I have a Master's degree in Rehabilitation Counseling.

Master of Science in Organizational Communication
Comprehensive speaking and consulting services. Deliver keynotes, workshop facilitation, small and large group dynamics, focus groups, leadership, diversity trainings, seminars and institutes, cultural audits, team building, developmental workshops for students, staff, faculty, and administrators, create and review diversity plans, crisis management, recruit diverse students, staff, and faculty.

Smith Consulting and Networking is a comprehensive training, development, and consulting firm dedicated to creating “safe,and empowering learning climates” for all people.
What we do:
Our goal is to examine, interpret, and improve relationships between people, cultures, and communities.
How we do it:
We do this by offering inspirational lectures, dynamic interactive workshops, and professional comprehensive consulting.

Talent Acquisition Coordinator
Fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace through different recruitment initiatives
Managing the Internship Program to educate and expose students and recent graduates from all backgrounds to different professional fields
Trainings and Orientations

I am a Talent Acquisition Coordinator at The Art Institute of Chicago. My work is focused on sharing my excitement for being part of a world renowned museum and school by supporting the recruitment process for employment opportunities. I also have the privilege and honor of managing the Internship Program. I love connecting people with other people, bringing the best talent to our workplace and fostering professional growth. I believe in the importance of extending hospitality; explaining processes backed with experience and data; strategizing, working towards a better tomorrow, and exposing people to a great place to work, learn and visit.

I've been a museum professional for more than eight years, working in museums both in North and South America. I've had the opportunity to work in human resources, administration, development, curatorial research and education.

My specialities include: Recruiting, marketing, data analysis and visualization, on boarding, orientations, mentoring, research and writing.

adjunct professor
, ,
coaching, mentoring, leadership

I am a coaching, mentoring and leadership professional specializing in faculty recruitment and diversity.

Bachelor's in Social Work, Master's in Social Work, and Master's in Business Administration
Consultation, Coaching, Facilitation and Training Services

The McLean Groups' areas of speciality include: Diversity/Inclusion, Team Building and Leadership Development. The framework includes: 1. Assess/Analyze - What is the need? We learn about the need through conversations with key internal or external stakeholders within the college, 2. Collaborate with the stakeholders to design a plan that matches the needs of the organization - the plan can include training, consultation, re-alignment, or whatever the need is, and can facilitate a train to trainer model ensuring sustainability 3. Implementation once the program is designed and 4. Evaluate through surveys and post dialogue conversations.

Smiley, CDE
Global membership, diversity and inclusion consulting and certification

Professional association for D & I leaders from higher education, corporate, nonprofit, and government agencies in 43 states and 3 countries. Mission is to educate and equip diversity executives and professionals with the tools needed to design and execute effective D & I strategies, share information through an international business network, and establish a global standard of quality in the field of D & I through the institute for Diversity Certification.

800 764-3336
Diversity Specialist
• Design, development and administration of the DIO website, e-newsletters, social media, and communications including UpNext!
• Maintains and reports website and social media analytics
• Supports the curriculum and executes diversity training for employee base
• Develops and executes Diversity Education for Orientation Sessions
• Facilitates focus groups and conducts critical incident interviews for research to support departments
• Manages and organizes efforts of Committee for Equal Opportunity and Diversity (CEOD) Subcommittees (9) and UMMMC’s Health Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Councils (HEDIC) and ERGs (7)
• Liaison to BaccMD Program
• Facilitates educational offerings of DIO
• Manages the Arts in Medicine Program
• Participate in Medical Center LGBT Task Force
• Lead Mindfulness Meditation sessions and a Mindfulness Champion!
• Facilitates Access@Work's Technology Task Force
• UMMS Communicator's Network

A strategic leader, with a passion for being the voice of the voiceless, while driving world-class business value.

Dynamic leader with strong background in managing programs that create diverse and inclusive learning environments. Expertise in program development, design and management.
Exceptional creativity in the application of social media and marketing consultation for community engagement. Excellent instruction skills in classroom, small group and online learning.

Creative, articulate, high energy and personable professional with proven ability to effectively interact with diverse groups and across all levels of systems. Proven team builder and team player. Creative force behind research using storytelling to effect Health Equity, Health Disparities.

Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer
As a member of the institution's executive cabinet, I plan, develop, support, and monitor diversity and inclusion strategies, programs, and initiatives across three mission areas - healthcare, research, and education.

Currently, I am involved in an extensive institutional climate assessment and developing the institution's strategic diversity and inclusion action plan. I also co-chair the Health Care Disparities Council. The Health Care Disparities Council is an official institutional committee at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. The committee’s charge is to identify key areas where disparities in healthcare may exist, including interventions across a variety of factors contributing to disparities both inside and outside of the health care system; participate in planning, implementation, evaluation, training and development opportunities; and support initiatives and activities that promote quality and health outcomes.

Dr. rer. nat
Dean, College of Graduate Studies
, , , , ,
Speaking Engagements

Speaking engagements which combine training and engagement in diversity and inclusion at the the graduate level. Topics include success of women and URM in STEM disciplines.

919 S. University Ave.
Diversity & Inclusion Specialist
Manage the library diversity strategic plan, strengthen organizational climate and culture, provide and support diversity & inclusion programming

- Diversity Plan
- Diversity Goal Writing
- Diversity & Inclusion Programming
- Organizational Climate & Culture Measurement
- Diversity Council Support

Assistant Director of Faculty/Staff Diversity Initiatives
Diversity Education, Training & Development
Diversity Strategic Planning & Institutional Change
Diversity Leadership & Community Engagement
Diversity Programs, Celebrations & Student Support

Our office is responsible for planning, developing, implementing, and evaluating, a comprehensive institutional diversity program and university-wide multi-faceted inclusion and diversity initiatives to support the University's commitment to diversity, inclusiveness and equal opportunity.

Keynote speaking, workshops, curriculum building, strategic planning, diversity and inclusion training, intercultural competence training, consulting, program creation/building

I am an experienced and creative educator and administrator and visionary leader. I work in the framework of intercultural competence to build inclusion and diversity. I seek to support individuals and organizations in their intercultural competence journeys, which includes dispelling stereotypes and myths, mitigating unconscious bias, and building empathy and understanding. I am certified in both intercultural development and cultural intelligence, and use both to accomplish my work. I support the academic, non-profit and for-profit sectors.

Director of Multicultural Affairs
Serve as Director of Multicultural Affairs in which I provide and continually create a warm yet welcoming atmosphere for all students in a small university environment

• Serve as personal and academic mentor for students of color while creating, planning, and implementing a comprehensive multicultural student leadership and personal development program.
• Provide career focused programming that fosters connections with employers and help prepare students to be successful in the work environment.
• Develop and implement educational programs for the campus communities that promote cultural diversity and inclusivity.
• Coordinate mentoring opportunities and programs for students of color.
• Work collaboratively with a variety of committees and campus departments on intentional retention activities and initiatives for multicultural students.
• Develop and implement orientation programs for new and transfer students of color.
• Serve as advisor to the Black Student Union and other Multicultural Student Organizations as assigned.
• Coordinate and implement annual assessment of program services and student satisfaction.
• Oversee the related budgets of the office.
• Serve on various University committees as assigned as well as special projects and other duties as assigned by the Assistant Dean of Students and/or Vice President for Student Affairs.

Corporate Disability Consultant
Public/Professional Speaking; Access Advisory; Corporate Disability & Diversity Consultancy; Sensitivity Educator; Corporate Culture Expert

YourID Group specializes in preparing Corporate Culture, Education, Workplace and Marketplace for Diversity and Inclusion.